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Artist N Virtual

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Artist Virtual is a unique digital arts platform and directory for artists, curators, educators, art students, arts professionals, and art lovers.

Built around dynamic profiles and art feeds, we connect everyone in the art world, making it easy to share stories, provide updates on your practice, ask for and offer advice, and find detailed information about members of the community. 

Join for free today and select from a comprehensive range of profile categories including: Artist; Curator; Art Student; Educator; Art Professional; Art Writer; and Art Lover.

Membership Benefits

By signing-up to Artist N Virtual, you will be joining a community that is already home to some of the most interesting people working in the UK art scene today.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Wide range of profile categories allowing you to tailor your profile specific to you
  • Ability to grow and engage your network
  • Opportunities to communicate with other members on the site
  • A real-time news feed that enables you to share updates with your followers
  • An intuitive system with easy navigation and usability
  • Quick & easy image uploads, with the option to add artwork titles and descriptions, AND TO CREATE ALBUMS
  • Ability to create both pubLic and private groups
  • Art-focused forums and discussion opportunities

Our Vision

We want to create a digital platform that brings together people from all areas of the art world, breaking down barriers and facilitating access, discussion and collaboration.

Artist N Virtual is a place where everyone who works in, or is interested in art, can come together to share new work, discuss important trends and topics, and ask for help and advice.

Membership of Artist N Virtual is completely free, with the platform focused on being a safe space in the art world to share information, communicate with people who have similar interests, and to discover some of the best things happening in art today.

What We Offer

The art directory at Artist N Virtual provides a simple and effective way to showcase what you do, and to follow and explore what other members of the community are doing.

Thanks to our bespoke, art-focused membership categories, you can tailor a profile that is specific to you – one that focuses on the aspects of your work and career that are most important to you.

Through the Group and Forum functions on ANV, you can easily communicate with like-minded people across the art scene, with the opportunity to collaborate on projects, discuss ideas and form new collectives.

At Artist N Virtual, we also actively engage with and promote our members, sharing new work and activities on social media, and focusing in more depth on interesting stories through our online magazine. If you’re doing something new and exciting, or have something important to say, we’re here to help communicate your story.


Education lies at the heart of everything we do at Artist N Virtual.

We want to form longterm relationships with educators, students and graduates – and to facilitate interaction between those from art schools and educational institutions with the wider art world.

Because we know that many artists are also professional educators, we’ve created a range of education-orientated membership categories to make it easier to build a profile that best fits your current status. These include:

  • Artist Educator
  • Educator
  • Art Student
  • Graduate

By joining ANV, you will become part of a community that already includes educators and recent graduates from some of the UK’s top art schools, as well as leading artists and arts professionals.

The Net Gallery

Artist N Virtual was created by the team at The Net Gallery, a London-based digital arts platform that showcases the work of artists, curators, galleries and institutions to a global audience.

By becoming a member of ANV, you open up access to the content and services offered by The Net Gallery – with the opportunity to explore some of the latest digital technologies currently transforming the way art is experienced in a virtual setting.