Code of Conduct

Our Goal

The Net Gallery and Artist N Virtual shall create opportunities and networking facilities for everyone in the field of arts. We foster a responsible and supportive environment where our users treat each other respectfully, regardless of origin, eductation, beliefs, physical ability, gender or sexual identity. This is why we expect our users to follow the simple rules of this very basic Code of Conduct.

Applicability and Scope

This Code of Conduct applies to all the users and the community of The Net Gallery and Artist N Virtual. The violation of this Code of Conduct shall be sanctioned and any user will be expelled from these spaces at the discretion of the Company.

Supportive Environment

We foster a safe environment in which various individuals from different backgrounds can collaborate and interact in a positive and affirming way.

Therefore, be at all times honest, positive and constructive towards other users and respect differing viewpoints and experiences.

Case of harassment

Our community will not tolerate any harassment of any kind. Examples of harassment are especially any offensive comments. Those can, among others, relate to origin, education, beliefs, physical ability, gender or sexual identity. As a general rule, treat people the way you want to be treated. Do not use any terms of abuse and do not threaten members – be respectful towards others.


If any user does not obey by the rules and you feel harassed, contact us and send us the relevant information so that we can act. We shall respond to your complaint as soon as possible and take measures where required.

Of course, we will ensure that we respect and protect your confidentiality at all times, and will not publicly reveal your name or details in dealing with any complaint.