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Art Feed Forums Public Forum Your Top Tips: Developing Creative Identities Reply To: Your Top Tips: Developing Creative Identities

  • Lee Boyd

    March 16, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    My Tip would be “Don’t Panic” its not a race, in fact its a process that stays with you throughout your artistic life. Create your work with elements that interest you both technical (processes) and visual (colour, textures,subject matter etc)

    Look at your resources of inspiration and think about what it is that you are drawn to. feed into that other influences that you come across: example other art works, literature, music the list is yours to curate.

    All of these elements will lead you to make choices that cumulates into your unique vision and through time, naturally, they will depict your creative identity without becoming a box you become trapped in.

    Experiment with your practice and refine your skill, this never stops and its a great way to push yourself artistically, and has no timescale.

    you will naturally settle on elements that speak to you visually and artistically and be honest to yourself to build the integrity into your practice.