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    April 21, 2021 at 1:50 pm

    Uploading Images & Creating Albums

    Uploading images and sorting them into albums on your profile is a key part of running your Artist N Virtual account. To learn how to add images to your ANV account, you can watch our tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnPivgwZjhw

    A transcript of the video can be found below:

    [00:00] Welcome to Artist N Virtual. Today, I will show you how you can upload a picture, add some additional information to a picture and create an album. Let’s get started! You have several ways to upload a picture. One of them is here on the Art Feed where you see this blank field. You can click on there, it will become slightly bigger, and here you can put in some information and if you click on the camera icon “attach a photo”, a screen will open and you can upload a photo or two. So, wait for the green dot and it’s confirmed that it’s uploaded. Now you can click on post the update and the pictures are uploaded.

    [01:02] They will also show on your own profile under “Photos”. So, as you can see, you now have two photos on your profile. And the second way to add more photos is click on “Add Photos”, insert some information if you want and choose an image to upload. You can also always select who can see the image – “All members”, “My Connections” or “Only Me”. You click on “Done” and there is the third picture.

    [01:44] And if you want to organise all the pictures in certain albums, you go to “Albums” on the right hand side. I already have an album – zero photos – but let’s create a new one. So, this is the new album. Select, select them all. Wait always for the green dots before clicking on create the album so all of them are uploaded. You can also select who can see this and, after that, click on “Create Album”. You will see all the pictures that are in this album and if you click on albums again, you will see the title, when it’s uploaded and how many pictures are in this album.

    [02:52] You can also, after you uploaded a picture, always move one of the pictures to an album if you click on here – “Move”. You can select an already existing album or you can create a new one. Let’s select this one and click on “Move”. And the last point is adding some additional info. Simply click on the picture. It will open and here you will see “Add a description”. Click on there, add your text and click on “Done Editing”, and now the info will show next to the picture.

    [03:39] That was it for now, thank you for watching and have a great day!

  • Artist N Virtual

    April 22, 2021 at 1:37 pm

    Updating Your Profile

    When someone sees your work on the Art Feed, the first thing they do to learn more about you will be to visit your profile. This means keeping your profile informative and up-to-date is a key part of networking on Artist N Virtual. You can learn more about updating your profile in our tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo7eSKKsk-A

    A transcript of this video can be found below:

    [00:00] Welcome to Artist N Virtual. Today, I will show you how you can update your profile, upload a cover image and upload your profile picture. So, let’s get started. There are two ways to adjust and edit your profile.

    [00:18] First, you can click on your name, go to “Profile” and click on “Edit”, or you can go to the left-hand side, open the site menu and click on profile. I will do that for now, and you can see you go to your profile. Here, you can click on “Edit Profile”, and here you can see several fields you can adjust. You can also adjust your profile type – so, at the moment, I’m an artist, but if I become an educator as well I can change my profile here, click on “Save Changes”, and you will see you have different fields available.

    [01:01] So, for example, click on “Research Interests”. I have some copy so here is some copy, and I can click on “Save Changes” but before I do that, you can also change who can view this information. So, if you click on “Change” here, you can choose “Public” – this is the standard selection – but you can also change it to “All Members”, “My Connections”, or only you. I leave it on public for now, I close this field and click on “Save Changes”.

    [01:42] Very important: always click on “Save Changes”. You will get a confirmation that the information is saved and you will have to do that on every field, otherwise if you fill something in and you don’t click on “Save Changes” and you go to another field, it’s not saved. So, if you go back to “Education”, you see it’s blank, so always click on “Save Changes”.

    [02:13] Now, to upload a profile picture, you click on “Profile Photo” and you can click on here – “Select Your File” – or you can take your picture live. For example, let’s take this picture, wait ’til the green block is full, and here you can adjust the size of the picture, which part of the picture you want. I like the tree so let’s keep it tree, and click on “Crop Photo”. Also very important, make sure the picture is big enough, so 300 pixels by 300 pixels or larger and after that just click on “Crop Photo” and you will get confirmation that it’s uploaded successfully.

    [03:07] To upload a cover photo, you also click on here [“Cover Photo”] and you can either drop an image in here or you can “Select Your File” and go to your folders on your computer. I will select this picture, and as well you get confirmation that it’s uploaded.

    [03:29] So let’s “View My Profile” to see all the information. So here you will find all the information that you put in. If you didn’t fill in a field it won’t show here, so leave it blank and it won’t show.

    [03:47] Also, you can change the position of your cover picture by clicking on here [arrow icon], you can drag it up or down and afterwards click on “Save Changes”. I think that’s it for now. Thank you for watching, and have a great day!

  • Artist N Virtual

    April 28, 2021 at 12:04 pm

    Creating Groups

    Whether you’re an educator with a class group or a member of an art society, ANV Groups are a great way to keep in touch with your members, share information and host discussions online. You can easily create your own group on Artist N Virtual following the instructions in our tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq49MYOjvgA

    A transcript of this video can be found below:

    [00:00] Hello and welcome to Artist N Virtual. In today’s video, I will show you how you can create a group – so let’s get started! To create a group, you just click on the menu, on the item “Groups” – let’s do that – and here you go to the “Groups” page. You can see we already have two groups, but if you want to create your own group, you just click on “Create a Group” and it will take you through several steps, six in total.

    [00:38] So, the first thing you need to do is give your group a name. So let’s call this “Group X”, “copy copy”. So, here you put in the information about your group, and then click on a “Create a Group”.

    [00:59] The second option is actually all the options regarding a privacy. So, a group can be “Public”, can be “Private” or can be “Hidden”. The difference between the three of them is a public group is visible for anybody and anybody can join; a private group is a group where the content is hidden but the group will show on the “Groups” page and the only people that can see the content of the group are the people that joined the group.

    [01:33] They can also, with a private group, request to join the group. And then a hidden group is actually a group where you create a group but it won’t show on the “Groups” page and also only the members that you invite will be able to view the content on this group. Furthermore, you have to decide who can send group invitations, who can add features to the art feed, who can post photos on the group and who can create albums.

    [02:14] Just gonna leave it at that for now. The next step is creating a forum. I would recommend you to always create a forum because this is content that will stay on the groups for a longer period so if you have a question or anything and you need an answer and don’t want the content to be faded away in the art feed, here you can ask questions, create discussions and so on.

    [02:48] So I would always recommend you to create a forum. So, the next step: setting a profile picture, actually a group picture, for instance this one. Wait for the green bar, select the size and which part of the picture you want to show and click on “Crop Photo”. Always make sure the photo is big enough, confirm that it’s uploaded, next step.

    [03:23] Uploading a cover image: Let’s select this one. Wait for the green bar, again, confirmation that it’s uploaded. Also, here, make sure the picture is large enough. And the final step is inviting members. So, when you create a group, you want members to join, and you can either select from the members on here by clicking on the plus (+), and here you can click on “Send”.

    [03:59] I’m gonna send it for now, but that’s how it goes. Or, you can send invitations to “My Connections”, so then it will show all your connections – obviously as this is a sample account, I have no connections. And then you click on “Finish”.

    [04:21] And the group is created, so here you can find all the information, the feeds, the discussions, you can invite more people, you can upload pictures, albums, or if you want to change your settings you can always do that here under “Manage” and you can find all the fields that we were talking about in the previous steps. You can find them here and adjust them as well.

    [04:52] So, that’s how you create a group. Thank you for watching.

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