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Allan J. Robertson



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I am interested in texture and shape making in the act of painting. My landscape pieces focus on the “un-picturesque”, where I look into the dark recesses of old piers and bridges. These constructions are emotive territory for exploration. I like to utilise their planes and surfaces to draw the viewer into the image, exploring the colours and textures of the structures. Rather than the simple process of recording the scene I respond to the ambience and atmosphere. I work mainly in oils because the paint lends itself to achieving subtlety and depth of colour through the layering of paint.



Since 2004 Edinburgh based artist, Allan J. Robertson has been honing his skills in painting oils and watercolour. He regularly contributes to group shows across the country.


Robertson’s work focuses on the impact of architectural space. His recent works reflect journeys undertaken to distant shores. He is fascinated by the traces of human activity etched on the landscape.

His work is held in private collections in UK, Ireland, Germany and North America.