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Claudia Luethi alias Abdelghafar



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Claudia Katharina Lüthi alias Abdelghafar El Bana

Born 1967 in Zurich, Switzerland
Living in Switzerland

Civil status    Married
Children    1 son

Hobies    Riding horses, playing the piano, 


Education    2001-2004 studies at the 
        New Art School in Zurich

I love to paint oil colours because they are smooth and I can paint in several coatings. So there is a three-dimensional effect in my paintings.
I don’t do sketches on the canvas, I just begin to paint. I learned for myself that sketches block my creativity, so I just begin with the painting directly.

I do wonderful paintings and drawings because I love my life with all ups and downs. I love colours to express the positive attitude to my live. I believe that there is all the time a door open when I believe it. There is no sence to see the negative things in live because all the people around me has also negative things in there live.

I love to paint animals, to bring there soul and character on the
canvas or velvet, to give them live that when you pass the painting you are just thinking: „ups, this animal has it moved?“
Also the landscapes and cities-scapes have to live, I want really not to copy only photos but that the people can smell the woods or the salt water of the sea, hear the sound of the birds and the hoofs galopping over the floor. Then I reached my goal.
I reach my goal when the painting is more vivid than the photos, when the people stand there, look at and forget the time. So I like that the viewer will be reached from the atmosphere of the painting. My subjects are animals, landscapes and cityscapes. My goal is not only to make realistic paintings but to give them a soul and live. So when you pass the animals on my paintings it could be that you think they have moved.
they feel the sun on there skin, they hear the hoofs galopping over the floor or the listen to the birds, the wind or the sea.

A curator from Creative Concept Inc. describes in my paintings is an understated incandescence and that my style is both contemporary and classic all at once. It places me in a artistic realm that is somehow entirely familiar. When someone looks at my paintings there is a vision that resonates with the viewer long after viewing.
In 2006 I began to paint oil colour on velvet. I like to play with the structure from the velvet. There is a special effect on the painting with velvet.

The story of my artist-name is a short marriage with an egyptian-man who had this name. It sounds special so I kept this name as my artist-name.


Exhibition History

19th January 2020 Image of the day on ArtTour International

15th May – 15th July 2020
Exhibition at the hotel Eurostar das Letras at Lisbon, Portugal

Solo exhibition in the in the rooms of the municipality Unterlunkhofen,
Artbox Project in Zurich and Miami

Solo exhibition „Long Live Freedom“ at Skyvalet in Lisbon, Portugal
curated through USIA Co. UK
Hotel Eurostar das Letras at Lisbon, Portugal

Artexpo New York
Art Monaco
Spectrum Miami

Digital exhibition at Artexpo New York
Private exhibition in the Hotel Ritz Four Seasons in Lisbon organised through
Digital exhibition at Spectrum Miami
Exhibition together with Francisco Lacerda in the Hotel Eurostar das Letras in
Lisbon, Portugal
The power of perception at the S Space Gallery, New York
„THE EXCLUSIVE EXHIBITION“ at Bulgary Hotel & Residences London

Group exhibition in the Broadway Gallery in New York
Group exhibition at the Gallery Flussreif in Berikon, Switzerland

Parallax ART Fair, London
Solo exhibition in the book shop Bodmer AG, Zurich
Solo exhibition in the restaurant Erushof, Bettwil Switzerland

Group exhibition in the SIGNAL-IDUNA Businesstower in Mannheim, Germany, organised from the gallery Böhner.

Solo exhibition in the rooms of the municipality in Buchs, Zurich
Group exhibition in the Hubraum in Buchs Kehrsatz

Solo exhibition in the Egli’s Horse Trend Shop, Hinwil ZH
with paintings oil on velvet the first time
Solo exhibition Restaurant Eintracht, Schafisheim

Solo exhibition Iftest AG, Wettingen

Solo exhibition Restaurant Sternen, Wettingen

Solo exhibition Restaurant Bergli, Bergdietikon
Solo exhibition In the rooms of the dentist Barna Bescek in Zurich


Education History

Education    2001-2004 studies at the 
        New Art School in Zurich


Awards and Trophies


2015        Certificate of Excellence for being among the best 100 artist     
        presented in the 13th online contest on

2015        Honoured mention as the top artist of the year 2015 
        through USIA

2014        Fine Art Competition „Conscious Creation 2014 Winner of a
Honorable mention through Vivid Arts Network

2012        Honorable mention on the 2nd Art Contest through


2011    Participation for the International Contemporary Masters Vol. 5 
from WWAB

2012    My own art book about the last 10 years

2013    Wohler Anzeiger, Newspaper in our region of Switzerland

2013    My Travel report featured in the online Version of the NY Arts Magazine

2015    Art in America 2015 Guide

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