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Nicoleta Pedestru





“My practice explores the relationship between ephemeral aesthetics and social Reconstructivism. With influences as diverse as Bauhausian and Magical realism, new combinations are synthesised from both orderly and random meanings too. Embedded within the work, my ideas are extrapolated from critical reflection upon various subjects of interest, such as cultural and social behaviour – human conditioning, beliefs and myth, self-observation as well as means of communication. Focusing on the ordinary elements subliminally embedded within our reality, I am reappropriating them to visually stimulate a comprehensive awareness about the complexity of simplicity.

I am using a variety of mixed media techniques- carving, digital print SEG light boxes, installation, sculpture, bas-relief, painting, drawing, photography. Experimenting with traditional and unconventional materials allows me to explore their boundaries. I am aiming to develop my art practice and constantly generate an inspiring body of work while improving my skills and acquiring new ones. My goal is to discover opportunities that could allow me to continue to exercise my discipline and ultimately to exhibit my work within the setting of an art gallery or museum. Fundamentally, the work I am producing engages participation from another entity perceived as the viewer.”



Exhibition History

Group exhibitions:


– ABOVE THE BALLET SCHOOL, Hortensia Gallery, London

– SUMMER SHOW, Hortensia Gallery, London

– FOCUSED READYMADES, Hortensia Gallery, London


 AT HOME, Hortensia Gallery, London


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BA (Hons) Fine Art

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