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Sarah Needham





I am interested in how pigments leave traces of human interconnectedness across geography and time. I work by researching historical events which have resonance with what is happening in the now. I then find out which pigments played out in those events, and that determines the colours in any particular collection. I then make abstract pieces which play with sensations of space and time, that are suggestive and not didactic. There is a moment of poetry when the viewers associations meet with the pigment associations and mine in the painting.



Exhibition History
  • 2020: Silson Contemporary Art Midwinter Show 
  • 2020: Beyond Other Horizons,Iaşi Palace of Culture, Romania
  • 2019: Makers and Craftsmen Project, Curated by Bergman and Mar, London
  • 2019: Beyond Abstraction, Luminaire Arts, London
  • 2019: The Other Art Fair New York
  • 2019: The Affordable Art Fair, London, Battersea with the Kahn Gallery
  • 2019: The Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg with the Kahn Gallery
  • 2019: The Other Art Fair, Truman Brewery, London
  • 2019: Corby Glen Project, Solo, Lincolnshire
  • 2019: Curious Duke, mixed summer show
  • 2019: Open Studios, EFOA
  • 2019: Curious Duke Winter show

Competitions and juried shows

  • 2018: Black Swan Open
  • 2017: Creekside Open


Education History

1989: First degree:2.1 Fine Art and Education Hatfield Polytechnic

1993: Masters: Development Studies, South Bank University

Post Grad study with Prof Ding, Head of Art at Jiangxi Normal University, non certificated, traditional Chinese ink painting, Southern School

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