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Sandra Keeley



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Art Style

Realism. Pastel painting. Sketching. I work in mostly large format art.



I’m a self taught artist and have been working in pastel and graphic pencil since I was a kid. The initial source of my ‘guide vocal’ was horses, which I can now draw from memory.

I haven’t reached the heights I hoped I would by now but have had commissions from RCA Studio B, Nashville, who I send projects to pretty regularly. Mostly portraits of singers/musicians who have worked there.

My main influences are Edward¬† Hopper, Augusta Savage, Noir, and Van Gogh. Realism art is my biggest interest. I also find inspiration from music and the nature around me. I relate with Hopper’s portrayals of loneliness in the city, which I try to put across in my own work.

Marilyn Monroe, Patricia Highsmith’s novels, the human body, animals, also spark ideas in my mind.

I would now love to start an online art gallery of artwork of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, or anything connected with the world of music. This is a project I am looking into now that I am older and not able to do so much work due to ill health. But, art is still my passion.

I want to remain in the beautiful, fascinating world of art forever.


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Self taught artist.

Research Interests


Online art galleries and exhibitions of other artist’s work.

To exhibit some of my large collection of art.