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Tom Croft





Tom Croft is a classically trained portrait painter based in Oxford.

He has produced paintings for a wide range of clients, from Manchester United Football Club to Oxford colleges and family portraiture.

His notable portraits include the first female Bishop Libby Lane, author Mark Haddon, former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, BBC Arts editor Will Gompertz, Radiohead bass player Colin Greenwood, performing artist and humanitarian Octopizzo from Kibera, Ride drummer Loz Colbert, footballers Wayne Rooney, David Beckham and Ryan Giggs. Tom appears on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of The Year 2018. Tom is a member of the Oxford Art Society and opens his studio to the public during Oxfordshire Artweeks.

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Portraits for NHS Heroes

Subject: Harriet Durkin

Original Artwork: 12×10”, oil on canvas board

“Harriet Durkin is an A & E nurse working at Manchester Royal Infirmary. She was recovering from Covid-19 and was about to start back on nightshifts when she messaged me about the free portrait. I painted her in her PPE gear to set the scene and establish the times we are living through. Her mask both protects, hopefully, but also acts as a barrier to the human interaction we normally have. I understand that patients find the mask an additional stress in an already scary situation, as expressions are harder to read. Harriet appears to be waving at us but I also felt it could reflect the need for social distancing at the moment.

“I am painting a second portrait of Harriet, relaxed and smiling at home, to show this side of her too. I understand the process of having the portrait painted has given Harriet a tiny glimmer of joy and something to look forward to in the most challenging of times. It’s also a small sign of my gratitude to the work she does on our behalf.”Tom Croft

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