New Virtual Tour: Triangle – Will Kendrick, Catherine Parsonage, & Jess Power

Triangle, the latest exhibition at Freelands Foundation, presents recent work by artists on the inaugural Freelands Painting Fellowships – an initiative established in partnership with three universities to provide early career artists with the opportunity to engage with students through teaching, while working alongside them on their own studio practices. 

The fellowships are designed “to invigorate the work of both students and artists through conversations about materials, ideas and approaches in a shared space of making and learning.”

The three artists participating in Triangle – Will Kendrick, Catherine Parsonage and Jess Power – all embarked on full-time fellowships in January 2021, at Bath School of Art, Film and Media; the University of Brighton and Manchester School of Art respectively.

You can view the virtual tour of the exhibition – scanned and produced by The Net Gallery – here.

Triangle at Freelands Foundation. Image taken from scan footage captured by The Net Gallery.

Will Kendrick, Catherine Parsonage, Jess Power
Freelands Foundation, London
13 January – 20 February 2022

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