The Net Gallery and Freelands Foundation – Artist Studio Tours

Based in Primrose Hill, North London, with active programmes and partnerships running around the UK, Freelands Foundation was founded in 2015 with the goal of giving more people the chance to engage with and enjoy the arts. With a particular focus on art education, the foundation has supported hundreds of art teachers by partnering with leading educational establishments and has worked with over 30 arts organisations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

One of the foundation’s core initiatives is the Freelands Artist Programme, which works with four partner organisations outside of London – g39 in Cardiff, PS2 in Belfast, Site Gallery in Sheffield and Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh. Launched in 2018, the five-year programme has so far worked with 60 emerging artists, nurturing their development and fostering relationships between artists and arts organisations, with the aim of bolstering the UK’s arts ecosystem.

The Net Gallery was recently commissioned by Freelands to create virtual studio tours for six artists on the programme: Jasmin Märker in Belfast; Rhiannon Lowe and Will Roberts in Cardiff; Mona Yoo in Edinburgh; and Sarah Rose and Eothen Stearn in Glasgow.

Providing an insight into the practices of emerging artists working in the UK today, the six studio tours are available to view now, via The Net Gallery website.

Here we share images taken from the scan footage captured by The Net Gallery.

Jasmin Märker

Jasmin Märker’s Belfast studio

Rhiannon Lowe

Rhiannon Lowe’s studio in Cardiff

Will Roberts

Will Roberts’ live/work studio in Cardiff

Mona Yoo

Mona Yoo’s studio in Edinburgh

Sarah Rose

Sarah Rose’s Glasgow studio

Eothen Stearn

Eothen Stearn’s studio in Glasgow

All images taken from the scan footage captured by The Net Gallery.

The full studio tour content is available to view here:

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